Factory Automation Solutions IO-Link / Master / Hub IO-Link complete ecosystem A lot of rich and rich remote IO combinations Create a unique style View IO-Link detailed introduction
Factory Automation Solutions
Fieldbus valve terminal Valve Island / Valve IO-Link / Profinet / Ethernet/IP EtherCAT / CC-Link IEF Basic / Modbus-RTU Support a variety of brand valves,
so that you can define a lot of rich matching and combination
View more valve island details
Fieldbus valve terminal
阀岛 / 阀片
Industrial Ethernet IO-LINK main station / live bus module Profinet / Ethernet/IP / CC-Link IEF Basic / EtherCAT A variety of protocols are integrated in one Create a more convenient connection solution View more module details
Industrial Ethernet
IO-Link主站 / 现场总线模块

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As a R & D and manufacturing enterprise, adhere to the value concept of research and development innovation, and has a reliable market application case, perfect production capacity, efficient logistics transportation, sincere cooperation in the team, and ensuring high -quality consciousness, which can provide you with reliable and sustainable and sustainable and sustainable consciousness. Serve. We accept your opinions and suggestions with a sincere and open mindset.

In order to actively respond to customer needs, shorten the supply cycle, and technical support services, improve product quality and use experience, innovate products; Fuyanosheng Electronics (Fujian) has a company in Fuzhou Fujian, which has R & D centers and product production plants in Fuzhou, Fujian; Kunshan, Jiangsu has a product production plant, product storage center and sales center; at the same time, there are branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hefei City, and a sales office of Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen; Provide you with reliable and continuous services.


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